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‘Guilt-free’ must include noise as well as emissions

When the Government published its Transport Decarbonisation Strategy last week, Grants Shapps, the Transport Secretary, said it would lead to ‘guilt-free’ flying. That phrase worries me. Not because I don’t want guilt-free flying. I do. But because it doesn’t include the other downsides of flying; in particular noise. Maybe Grant Shapps was going for aContinue reading “‘Guilt-free’ must include noise as well as emissions”

Ground to Air

Here’s a prediction. Over the next decade our streets will become quieter but our skies will get noisier. Quieter Streets There is a range of measures, likely to be put in place, which will cut traffic noise: Electric cars will reduce noise at speeds of under about 35mph. Above that, there will be little differenceContinue reading “Ground to Air”

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